No Overnight Street

Parking/ Oct 1st - May 1st

Brush Pickup Monday Morning 5-11 am


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  • Election Day and NYSERDA grant April 2, 2018
    Election day brought us a new trustee. Thank you Ed Harvey for 12 years of dedication. Welcome Ian Feulner bringing youth and change. We would like to thank Dennis Laughlin for years of legal advice to the Village and would like to welcome local boy E. Hyde Clarke as our Village Attorney. As I have […]
  • Walmart Trucks March 26, 2018
    Former Trustee Ed Harvey noticed a Walmart truck passing through the Village. He brought it to my attention that Rt 166 is restricted for all Walmart carriers since 1995. We have seen more then 30 trucks in the last few weeks. The General Manager of the Walmart distribution Sharon was notified 3/25/18 and has been […]